A Taste of Arlington was a huge success!

14 restaurant and food vendors, stuff for the kids, great music and fabulous weather made for perfection at the Inaugural Taste of Arlington event. The drinks¬†probably helped a little too! ūüėÄ Congratulations to “Arlington Has It!” for putting on a wonderful event. We are looking forward to more fun stuff from this group and can’t wait to see what year two brings to “A Taste of Arlington“.

BC Kitchen presented the most creative sample of ¬†the day with their Deconstructed Chicken Gyro. Continue Reading →


Revenge of the Fifth

Come over to the Dark side. The Sith are having their turn today. It seems the dark lords are just as popular as the Jedi knights and the light. We found some great dark side items for all Sith lords to use in the kitchen too. Try this one on for size:

Star Wars Darth Vader Sith Apron


You know you’ll need that apron while making smoothies and blending soups, or whatever a Sith might do with an immersion blender. The little ones always leave the power on when removing them from the liquid!

Star Wars Rogue One Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Immersion Blender


Or how about keeping track of how long those cookies are in the oven? Or that egg has been boiling away to make it soft-boiled? This watch actually has a time and alarm built in!

Star Wars Spyware Sith Watch

And don’t forget to protect your hands when handling those hot dishes out of the oven. This mitt is perfect for the job.

Star Wars Darth Vader Oven Mitt

And yep, you guessed it. I have a favorite today too. This mug is the perfect size for me! 18 oz of glorious coffee first thing in the morning. You can feel the power of the dark roast.

Vandor 99561 Star Wars Darth Vader 18 oz Oval Ceramic Mug

Be ready for the Revenge of the Fifth – Have this beauty on hand when the arrive and pop some of their favorite popcorn.

Death Star Hot Air Popcorn Maker And One 2 Lb Bag Of Empire Dark Side Popcorn


Whatever you do, have a great day and head on over now to check out these great Star Wars Sith themed items.



Soft, Warm and Easy to Chew

It is starting to get cooler outside, always great soup inspiration, and well, to be honest, I just had a tooth pulled and needed something to eat and soft enough that it did not require a lot of chewing. I decided on potato soup. My potato soup never ever comes out quite the same. Other than potatoes and the creamy soup base, the other ingredients change depending on what is in my pantry and refrigerator. Potato Sop with Chorizo

The base for the soup is the most important part to me. Continue Reading →


It’s a Cooking Day.

I didn’t feel like doing much of anything today except watch football. I spent very little time on the computer and napped a lot. However, one thing I did do, because it always makes me happy, is cook. Nothing fancy or hard, just tasty food that will be dinner all week long!¬†Chicken Cordon Bleu Mac And Cheese

First up was Beef Enchilada Casserole. No recipe really, just¬† Continue Reading →


Not feeling Fancy? Don’t want “Fast Food”?

Today was pretty much a day off for me. I went to see Bard College Women’s Volleyball in a Tri-match, (three schools, three matches), The first match started at 10 am and the last one finished at 5 pm. Why? My daughter is the head coach! I love watching volleyball. And the kids are simply awesome to interact with. We had a great time and since it runs all day we, of course, have to eat. Today we decided we didn’t want J&J Gourmet Cafe Continue Reading →


Tangy Turkey Balls

A few weeks ago I bought some herbs to grow on my deck in containers. One of them was thyme! It started growing like crazy almost immediately. I needed to think of something to use it and I started out thinking about roast chicken and using it inside the bird.

Then I had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner one night and when I made the meatballs I used the fresh oregano that I had growing.

Flash! How about using the thyme in aTTMBmid (more…)