An Unexpected Weekend Pleasure

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. I sure did. My plan for this weekend was to travel to Scranton, Pennsylvania and watch my daughter’s,  (She is the Head Coach!), women’s volleyball team, the Bard Raptors, compete in a tournament.

As I passed through downtown Scranton, on my way to the University of Scranton Athletic Center, I noticed a huge number of tents going up all around and on Courthouse Square.

Scranton PA FairIt turned out that they were having their annual Italian Festival, La Festa Italiana, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! What luck!

Now to figure out how to get a chance to visit and sample their wares!

Friday afternoon was all volleyball and although the ladies put up a good fight they were not winners on this day on the courts. They were winners later that night though because we all hit a local favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Rak Thai. Check out my post on that funtastic experience!

Saturday, more volleyball and then … a break. We had a little over three hours until the final match and the festival was in full swing only four blocks away.

The team bus was summoned and Steve, our driver, weaved through all the blockades and throngs of people and dropped us off right next to the festival.

Scranton Fair MainMain Stage

While we only had a short amount of time to visit, we all came away totally satisfied. They were over 80 different vendors selling every Italian specialty thinkable. Lots of our group bought cannolis from one of the 3 or 4 vendors that were making them. One in particular was making so many different flavors there is no way you could sample them all!
And there was more than just food! A lot more! Three different stages and non-stop music everywhere. A few rides for the kiddies and even a 5k race on Saturday.

La Festa Italiana is definitely on my list for a return trip next year. Make sure you mark your calendar too!


What did you do this weekend? Unexpected or planned?

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