Thai Rak Thai – “Love”

Labor Day weekend plans included traveling to Scranton Pennsylvania to attend a Volleyball tournament with my daughter and her team at Bard College. After the first day’s matches were over, the whole team headed to a local favorite restaurant, Thai Rak Thai.

Team at DinnerThis place was AWESOME! We had reservations, because just showing up with 18 people just doesn’t always work well. The staff was ready and very attentive to our requests.  They treated us like I might imagine guests in their own hoe might be welcomed. They asked about why we were in town, where we came from and what we were all about. Thrilled by all the attention, the girls all answered cheerfully and even explained where many of them lived. What a diverse group! From one coast to the other and even one from Europe! Pictures were in order and the staff even helped with that and posted it on their facebook page. Go check them out on facebook  and on their website.

A few of us ordered appetizers and after all the excitement of taking pictures and sharing information, the manager offered the appetizers and dessert, on the house! We had some of the most delicious Thai Spring Rolls and Calamari ever. The sauces were a good compliment to each other with a perfect balance of sweet and spice. Everyone ordered something different but the hands down overall favorite was the Pad Thai. They were very respectfully of special requests and even replaced one dish that just wasn’t quite right.

Next time I am in Scranton, PA, you can bet I’ll be stopping in again.

Did you eat out at a favorite restaurant this weekend? Tell us all about your experience below.

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