The Flavor of Summer

Snow? Snow on the first day of Spring? Come on. I was craving the taste of summer, today on this first day of Spring.

products_campariWhile at the grocery store this morning walking through the produce department I noticed all the tomatoes and suddenly wanted a cucumber and tomato sandwich. Oh lord, they are SO expensive! We all know that cardboardy taste of winter grown hothouse tomatoes. Eww! Well I looked and there were some nice looking cherry and grape tomatoes selling for $3.49 a carton. Way too expensive, even though they are the closest to a real tasting tomato this time of the year. Checking a bit closer, there was one brand that was on sale, about twice or three times the size of the cherry tomatoes and they were on sale! $1.99 for a carton. I had never tried them before because they are usually very pricey but today, today I wanted that taste of Summer. So I bought them.

Campari Tomatoes, “The Tomato Lover’s Tomato”, it said. OK, I took them home and sliced up some for lunch along with a European cucumber. Those, I knew, would be good and I was right. The European cucumber, for some reason, never disappoints. So, I toasted up some homemade bread, slathered on some mayo and added the tomatoes and cucumber.

Heavenly! These were the best damn tomatoes I ever had that came from a greenhouse. Unbelievably fresh, sweet and tart at at the same time. So good that I had to make another sandwich! If you want really good tasting tomatoes in early spring, and probably in the winter too, you must try these. You will be converted just as I was.

Check out their website at I did some browsing there and contacted them for more information. Pretty impressive! More on them another day. For now, back to the tomato and cucumber sandwich.

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