Pho for dinnerWelcome to Dish on Chefs. I am Bill Carrington and I have been interested in food, festivals, wine and fun things to do for quite some time. I enjoy going to fine dining restaurants, visiting food and wine festivals, watching cooking shows, reading about great chefs, trying some of their recipes and even changing them a bit or using them as a base to create my own. I love cooking and trying new ingredients and gadgets. So much so, that I think it has made me a much better cook. My friends all love to have me cook for them and more than that; I truly enjoy it!

That is not to say that I have not had my share of flops. I have. Those nights call for a quick trip to a local take-out place. There are some great ones around, if you just look. Don’t settle for “fast food” either. I bet some of your local favorite restaurants offer take-out service just like mine do. This was all just a hobby to me until about a year ago when I lost my job. I decided to work on my interests full-time, sharing them with everyone and have never looked back!

If you are a “foodie” or even just looking for something new and different to do, you have come to the right place! High on the list of things you will find here are food festivals, where and when they are happening, competitions and investigating chefs and the food they create. Some chefs are celebrities, others are up and coming stars and many have restaurants that are providing fine dining to their patrons. I even have some clever kitchen gadgets to take a look at, recipes to share and tips for turning all of this into to a great vacation, weekend get-away and even suggestions for a great date night.

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