Eggs Goldenrod with Crispy Ham Strips

When I was a young boy, my mother taught me to make this simple dish. It has wonderful flavor and goes great with sausage, bacon or ham.

I have made this for my own children on many occasions and it is one of their favorites too. It makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner!EggsGoldenrod (more…)


Avocado Inspiration

Avocados have been insanely inexpensive lately and when I was in Hanneford’s last week they were 77 cents a pound! Naturally a few made into my basket. Who could resist. Well, this happened and that happened and they didn’t get used as quickly as might have usually. Stumbled into the kitchen this morning in search my morning brew and there still on the counter where these two small perfectly ripened emerald gems that practically begged to be used before they spoiled. First thought, “Make a nice guacamole”. But discovered that was no cilantro. There was, however a skinless boneless chicken breast in the freezer. Hmmm. Chicken Avocado salad perhaps? Yeah, but it’s frozen. Big surprise, Hanneford’s was on the errand list again this morning. Browsing through the store revealed these wonderful turkey breast packages on sale. Perfect! Turkey and Avocado salad! I grabbed a bunch of cilantro and headed for home. This recipe made itself as while searching the kitchen for likely ingredients.Turkey Avocado Salad (more…)


Pleasant Surprises

Wedding bells were ringing this weekend as my youngest daughter, Mallorie got married. The happy couple are now off to Paris for a week to enjoy everything that amazing city has to offer. The last three days have been a whirlwind for me, so I can only imagine what it must have been like for them.

Papilon Bistro and Bar

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner Continue Reading →


Warning: Vulgar Vegetarian Cookbook For Real Food Lovers

Thug Kitchen - eat like you give a f*ckThis cookbook was recommended  by my friend Alicia. I am definitely not a vegetarian, but the recipes in Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck are just that and they are fabulous! I found that the basic recipes were excellent without meat, but the addition of a bit of meat or substituting a good meat-based broth, where you can, would enhance them to satisfy any carnivore. The truth of it is that this #1 New York Times Bestseller is all about cooking “real” food.


Yes, there are loads of swear words. Really, they are just a gimmick to sell the book. If you can get past that then you will love what Thug Kitchen is doing with their cooking. Chef Jaime Oliver put it well when he said, “As hilariously foul-mouthed as these motherf#ckers are, I really like their passion for eating the right food …” Continue Reading →


What a Huge Mistake I Made! – Pangea Discovered

Culinary Institute of AmericaPangea Restaurant Culinary Institute of America


I have lived in New York’s Hudson Valley Region for over 35 years. In all that time, I never visited the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park even though it is a mere 27 miles from my home. Instead I chose to go into New York City for fine dining. Let me tell you, what a huge mistake! Friends and I visited their Pangea pop-up restaurant yesterday for a fabulous, over-the-top, four course lunch yesterday that left us yearning for more … soon! Continue Reading →


My Cast Iron Skillet

12 in Cast Iron Skillet QuicheI love my 12-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet. It performs better than any pan I own. This picture is a Ham, Cheese and Asparagus Quiche with a Potato Crust recipe that I found here online. I switched it up a bit and used cheddar cheese instead of the goat and fontina cheeses, regular yellow onions in place of shallots and left out the tarragon, (I am just not a big fan of the flavor.) in the recipe and it came out fabulous! The potato was nice and crisp around the edges and the asparagus cooked perfectly nestled into the the top of the quiche. When I do this again though, I think Continue Reading →


The Flavor of Summer

Snow? Snow on the first day of Spring? Come on. I was craving the taste of summer, today on this first day of Spring.

products_campariWhile at the grocery store this morning walking through the produce department I noticed all the tomatoes and suddenly wanted a cucumber and tomato sandwich. Oh lord, they are SO expensive! We all know that cardboardy taste of winter grown hothouse tomatoes. Eww! Well I looked and there were some nice looking cherry and grape tomatoes selling for Continue Reading →


When life gives you lemons …

Everclear and Lemons

Make Limoncello!

Once a year, or so, I make a batch of Limoncello. This started because my oldest daughter fell in love with the stuff she had in Italy. Most of the restaurants there make their own. So when she requested a decanter and glassesfor her birthday a few years ago, I decided to try my hand at making it.

I looked up a dozen or so recipes on the Internet and sort of took bits and pieces from each to decide on how I would do it. I started a new batch and was talking about it online with friends and family. One asked me for the recipe today. (Everyone else just laid claim to the batch in progress!)

I really didn’t have a recipe, so I sent her this email today! Continue Reading →


An Unexpected Weekend Pleasure

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. I sure did. My plan for this weekend was to travel to Scranton, Pennsylvania and watch my daughter’s,  (She is the Head Coach!), women’s volleyball team, the Bard Raptors, compete in a tournament.

As I passed through downtown Scranton, on my way to the University of Scranton Athletic Center, I noticed a huge number of tents going up all around and on Courthouse Square.

Scranton PA Fair Continue Reading →