Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off

This show is returning this coming Sunday for a brand-new season and new talented young people! Learn more here.

I caught a couple episodes of this show last year and I am going to be watching this year for sure. The talent level is amazing and competition fierce! Be sure to check it out for yourself.


Marc Forgione

I have quite a few cookbooks on my shelves. Everything from the old standbys to a few from famous chefs and celebrities. My absolute favorite, by far, is the last one I received as a gift. My daughter has a few friends that work in NYC at Marc Forgione. She knows I love his food and for Father’s Day two years ago took me there for dinner. I had a wonderful, delicious appetizer that was so good, I wanted the recipe. While we were there Chef Forgione came to the table, mostly because he knew Mallorie, but also because he routinely visits his guests during their meal. I chatted with him for about 10 minutes and was very impressed by how down to earth he is.

Marc Forgione Autograph Marc Forgione Cook Book

Well, this past Father’s Day, I got an autographed copy of his latest cookbook! At first I was just thrilled to find that the recipe I wanted so badly was included in those pages. But, after sitting down with it and reading the first 30 pages, or so, I was inspired! Iron Chef Forgione tells the story of how he became a chef, almost lost his restaurant and how everything turned around for him.


You must get a copy of his book for your kitchen. In it, Chef Marc explains step-by-step how to prepare all his dishes. He even had them tested by his Mom! Get yours today! “Cook your food!” (aff)


More Than Just a Great American Steakhouse!

Last week I accompanied my friend, Jen, to an appointment in New York City. She can’t always get someone to go with her and I love making the trip! After handling our business we stopped for a late lunch at Benjamin. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! What a fine dining area to go with some equally amazing food.


Benjamin Restaurant & Bar
603 2nd Avenue @ 33rd St.
New York, NY 10016 • (t) 212.889.0750




Jen ordered the Grilled North Atlantic Salmon with Meyer Lemon, Verdicchio and Herb Sauce, Chive Mashed Potatoes and Sautéed Vegetables. What a treat. The sauce was smooth and luscious with just the perfect amount of lemon. The sides were equally impressive. The potatoes cooked home-style mashed and very flavorful. The vegetables just like we like them with a bit of crispness. Everything was seasoned perfectly and the portions were so generous, Jen could not finish the entire plate.

I ordered two appetizers for my lunch. The Truffled Mac and Cheese and Aunt Jennie’s Meatballs with Grated Pecorino Romano and Marinara. The Mac and Cheese was delicious with just the right amount of truffle flavor. Aunt Jennie’s meatballs were to die for. Perfectly moist and delectable and seasoned just like they came out of Mom’s kitchen!

We highly recommend you stop in to visit David and his staff whenever you have the chance. The service is excellent, the atmosphere equally enjoyable and the food … well, what else can we say.