Wine Tasting

I’ll be the first to admit, I do not know as much about wine as I might like, but I do know what I like and when I want it! With Dinner! One of the ways to improve your knowledge of wine is to visit wineries and taste it. Listen to what the folks there tell you about how the wine is made and what the flavors or ‘notes’ are in the wine. It is a load of fun to go as a group and find out which ones are your favorite.WineGoesWithDinner

There are so many great opportunities all over the World to visit wineries and for fun times following the wine trails. What a great getaway weekend they would make.  Wine is more of an accompaniment to food, to me, and many places have superb restaurants right on site or nearby. Even if you don’t drink much at all and you are anything like me, you still enjoy the occasional glass of wine, especially with a good meal.  So, let’s take a look at creating your own expedition, weekend getaway or exploration…

First take a look in Google, or your favorite search engine, for the area you would like to visit. Like this:


Let’s say we pick the Shawangunk Wine Trail listing. Go check out their site and see what events they might have during your planned visit. Chances are good there will be plenty and still time to do other things. Pick one, or a few and write it down, get tickets, or in many cases, just show up!

The next thing you should do is look for attractions in the area. Like this:

Hudson Valley Special Attractions

How about that! The same site offers a listing of other things to do while you are in the area! Pretty cool, right?

You are nearly all set for your trip. Now you just need a place to stay. Another search on Expedia, or your favorite travel site will surely find great places that suit your interest. Make your reservations, invite your friends and go have a great time!

If any of you do this or have any tips on where you went, please let us know.

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